Five Insane Monopoly Facts

Monopoly has been around for a long time. And it has remained incredibly popular during this entire period. Because of this, there are a lot of interesting stories about the game and the people who play it. Below are five of the craziest, most off the wall facts about Monopoly.

1. There Is A Monopoly Board Worth Millions Of Dollars

A Monopoly enthusiast with lots of money designed a board that is made up of 23-karat gold as well as all kinds of precious gemstones like rubies and diamonds. This game board is valued to be worth over two million dollars. It is the most expensive Monopoly set ever produced.

2. Fidel Castro Banned Monopoly

Cuba's infamous dictator banned all games of Monopoly from his country. He did not want its capitalist influence and has made playing or owning a board illegal. Cuba is not the first country to do this either. During the Second World War, Nazi Germany banned its citizens from playing the game as well.

3. There Is More Monopoly Money In The United States Than Actual Currency

Every single year, Parker Brothers prints more Monopoly money for its games than the United States prints actual currency. This means there is more Monopoly money in circulation than there are actual American dollar bills.

4. There Is A Monopoly World Championship With Prize Money

Believe it or not, but all of the world's best Monopoly players get together and compete in one big championship. This event is a huge deal for enthusiasts and there is even prize money given out. The winner receives $20,580. This is the exact same amount of money as is contained in a standard Monopoly set.

5. Monopoly Can Be Won In Under 30 Seconds

Scientists have found an unlikely scenario in which one player can win at Monopoly in just 21 seconds. To do so, the game must last exactly four turns and take nine rolls of the dice. This situation is very unlikely, but it could happen.

Final Verdict

Because of its tremendous cultural impact, Monopoly has been the center of a lot of attention. It has attracted ultra rich buyers to create luxurious boards, been banned by third world dictators, and even hosts its own international championship matches. The game has had a huge influence on the lives of many different people, and many interesting events have occurred as a result.