Cranium is a game of historic firsts, and one that has an incredible back story. From its humble origins as a cross between two well known titles, to being the first board game that many major retailers ever sold. Since then, the game's popularity has never slowed down. In fact, the demand remained so hight that the Taits were able to sell the rights to Cranium for 69 million dollars.

Many people grew up playing Battleship. It's a game with a very simple design and virtually anyone can learn its rules in a matter of minutes. Because of this, most individuals know a little about the game and have probably played it at least once or twice. However, there are several interesting and little known facts about Battleship that might be surprising. Below are three fascinating facts about the game.

1. Battleship Had Land Areas

The original versions of battleship contained both sea and land areas. This made it so that it was impossible to place ships in certain squares. Eventually designers decided that this was a bad idea, so they scraped the land sections. Doing so gave players more options for where they could place their ships. It also made the game more difficult since there were now additional places for ships to be hidden at.

2. Battleship Was The First Board Game Made Into A Computer Game

The rules of Battleship are very simple and straightforward. Because of this, it was easy to translate into a video game format. In 1979, computer scientists replicated the game for the Z80 Compucolor. This version was contained on a floppy disk and allowed the player to challenge a computerized opponent to a Battleship match. Many board game historians believe that this is the first time that a computerized version of a board game was ever created. Battleship has since been translated into video game formats on many different occasions.

3. People Have Been Playing Battleship Since The 1930's

Battleship has been a household name since the 1960's. However, the game's origins go back much farther than that. Commercial variations of Battleship have existed since the early 1930's. These games were sold under different names, like the Russian game of Salvo and the French game of L'Attaque. While each version was slightly different and used its own set of rules, the core elements of game play were exactly the same. In 1967, Milton Bradley released their own version, Battleship, which surged in popularity and obscured all of the previous variations.


The Milton Bradley title, Battleship, may be the most well known version of this game, but it is not the first. Battleship has existed in different forms for over 80 years. These have included games with land areas, electronic variants that could be played on the computer, and earlier Russian and french titles.