Five Board Game Facts That Many People Don't Know

There are a lot of little facts about different board games. These can often be incredibly interesting, as they involve all manner or unique people and odd situations. What follows are five strange facts about different games and the people who enjoyed them.

1. Yahtzee Was Invented By Boaters

The game Yahtzee was created by a wealthy couple who liked to play dice while yachting. They invented the game while on the water, and it has become hugely popular ever since. The game was later sold to Hasbro.

2. There Was Once A huge Trivial Pursuit Shortage

At one point, there was only a single company in the United States that carried the type of paper Trivial Pursuit cards are printed on. Do to a mishap, there was a paper shortage. As a result, orders of the game had to be delayed for months on end before new copies could finally be released.

3. Risk Was Invented By A Famous Filmaker

Albert Lamorisse was the creator of Risk. He was also a very well known French filmmaker who was very famous for his short movie, The Red Balloon. Risk was styled after the historical exploits of France's most formidable general, Napoleon Bonaparte.

4. A Ouija Board Was Used To Solve A Murder

A man who was convicted of murder fought, and won, the right to a retrial. The reason that this was allowed was because four of the original jurors had used a Ouija board to determine their verdict. Because of this, the first trial was considered ineffective and unjust. The second case hearing was handled in a much more professional manner.

5. There Was Once A Monopoly Game That Lasted For Months

At one point, a group of hardcore Monopoly players set a record for hosting the longest Monopoly game of all time. These participants played for 70 consecutive days. After more than two months of playing, a winner finally emerged.

Wrap Up

There is a lot of interesting history behind different games. Each title has a unique back story. And every player has managed to take their favorite title and use it in a one of a kind manner. Whether its inventing a new activity while yachting around the ocean, playing the same game for two months on end, or trying to use a toy to solve a murder, someone is always thinking of new uses for entertainment.