Five Fantastic Scrabble Facts

Scrabble is a very popular game that practically everyone knows about. It is featured in movies, on television shows, in books, and at almost every other place that you can think of. However, there are a lot of obscure facts that many folks may not be aware of. Below are five of the most bizarre things to ever involve Scrabble.

1. Scrabble Is An Official Sport

In many African countries, such as Mali, Scrabble is actually viewed as an official sport. This means that it is, on a technical level, just as credible and important as football or baseball.

2. There Is A Special Term You Should Know

When a player uses all of their Scrabble tiles during a single turn, there is a special term that is used to describe this. According to the official rules, this action is called a “Bingo.” This is something that many players don't even realize.

3. Some Words Are Too Big To Play

There are certain words which use so many different letters that players simply cannot spell them out. Even with blank tiles these words are just too big. Interestingly enough however, the official Scrabble dictionary still contains these words and lists them as ones that individuals are allowed to play.

4. Most Americans Own A Scrabble Set

While most people know that Scrabble is popular, very few realize how successful the game really is. According to studies, roughly one in every three homes has a Scrabble set. That means that almost one third of the country has a copy of the game. This is a huge number and it makes Scrabble one of the most successful board games ever created.

5. The Scrabble Inventor Choose Tiles In A very Strange Way

Many people have theorized about why a Scrabble set contains the number of letters that it does. They are always interested in finding out why there are not more, or less, letters in it. The creator of Scrabble, Alfred Mosher Butts, picked the letter count by studying pages of the New York Times as well as other popular newspapers. He looked at how many letters were used on each page, and based his Scrabble sets off of that.


Scrabble is a game with a very interesting past. It has had a huge impact around the world and is even listed as an official sport in some ares. Additionally, the rules and design of the game have stumped many fans for years.