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How To Make A Meat Pie

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The meat pie is a ancestral Russian couch that will appreciate a man. In this article, we'll tell you how to make really delicious meat pies.

The ages of women on Rusie were pies with meat, which were previously considered as a meal of celebration, but could be delivered on a day-to-day basis, as a full meal. Piece with meat from caring women's hands, the man took both the road and the field and the pouch. It's a dish that's been sitting on the table all the time, which is interesting, since its appearance in deep ancient history, has escaped any external influence, that is, no other culinary traditions other than Russians have affected it. So it's good to learn how to make a meat pie wants everyone who's willing to make good himself a master.

We'll talk about a few very simple prescriptions of preparation. delicious meat pies

The cake for meat pie can be any: layer, brush, sand, etc. For fixing, we can use meat slices, both medium and large, and the porch depends solely on your taste. It's common to add some sauce to the fill meat, or just a stint, or it's pre-married in the vinegar, wine, bucket mixture.

Rapid cake with meat

Photo: Ingredients:

250g flour
100g cheese
4 eggs
1 p.l. Oxus/Lumon
1(1/2) soda
250g meat
200g champing
50g vegetable oil
1 bulb
Tensions, salt

Method of preparation:

How to make the meat cake fast. All products must be room temperature. Egg's a little bit of a boiling, adding a torch on a large terrace, a flour, a mayonnaise and an estimate, smashing a testo, adding a towed soda, mixing it up. It's small to cut and fry 5min, to put cut mushrooms, torch 10min, to add resin in the meat cut, to heat 10min, to fix salt and buckles. In the mused oil and the floured shape to pour 2/3 of the test, put all the cooked porridge on it, pour the rest of the test. Put the pie in the heat up to 200 degrees of the oven and eat about 30-40min before ready and loaded.

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