Как Готовить Пирог С Картошкой

How To Make A Cake

Nalim is a big individualist. He doesn't like other nalim neighbors. And most importantly, he doesn't envy his family's track. And the one and the other fish have cookies, one of the main delicates. Only the cracked liver became a mass dish at the USSR. We'll get our own. And even today doesn't show up often on our table.

The Eda-Afish portal recently asked Olga questions about the nalim. What happened to him before? What's the special features of this single freshwater fish of the crack family? Why isn't she in restaurants? And finally they asked for a good prescription. So, at the end of you, there's a potato pie.

Together with Olga Sutkina, he asked about the nalim and the other professional, the one who extracts and sells this fish. That's what happened:

Alexander SharavyevDirector-General of GS, Siberia Supply Company:

“Nalims live in the northern and southern rivers. Our, north, fat and tasty, and the south land, it may not be popular at all. The North is active in March and April, when the crumb goes: it feeds.

Nalim is a crack fish, his liver is as useful as the track, but fat. The tracks have been scattered from Soviet times, and the odds have always been a lot bigger. Nalima's not getting enough. First, the species is small. Second, he's not well maintained. And the liver's better to use fresh, or we need to watch and vacuum or conserve. And if you keep it in the freezer, it'll start to burn.

It is difficult to bring the northern fish to Moscow, because it has to be frozen immediately after the harvest, and not all fishermen have access to refrigerated containers where the fish is frozen at less than 20 degrees; in general, shock freezing is too expensive. And since we're in the North, it's considered that the fish are cheap, no one's worth doing it. Whether it's a noble white fish, a lion or a sig, they're gonna get more money. And the demand for nalims, too, alas, small, fishermen can't sell it, so they don't catch it. Well, they catch it, but for me, I'm using it for semi-fabricates, for example, adding it to a fishing cottage. In fact, the nalims can be fed and fed just like any river fish. "

Olga Sutkinthe origin of the Russian kitchen, the co-author of the books " The inconceivable history of the Russian cuisine " and " Inconceivable history of Russian products " :

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