Как приготовить вкусные пироги

Domestic Pie

Дрожжевая выпечка получается менее слоистой, но очень пышной и воздушной, а в ее вкусе присутствует легкая кислинка

Solar test secrets household

In Europe, it is considered that the salmon testo was invented in the sixteenth century by the French, and while they concealed the inkness of the receptor, the whole world soon became aware of the new culinary invention. However, Russia ' s first recipe for the preparation of a bed test came about at the same time from Mid-Asian and the Lady, so it is unknown who should be considered the author of this cooking know-how.

A multilayer test is prepared from flour, eggs, water or milk, a large amount of cream oil or margarine.Жирность масла влияет на объемность выпечки — чем выше процент жира, тем пышнее получатся пирожки A sloppy testo can be bought in a store, but it's best to do it with its own hands, because artificial additives and margarines are often added to the fruit. Preparing a bed test in a home setting takes time, but when your loved ones are enjoying their crunch cakes, appetite pizzas and dripping in Napoleon's mouth, you'll understand that domestic testing is much better and more useful.

Species of layered test

Приготовление слоеного теста и пирогов из слоеного тестаThere are different test prescriptions. For example, a classic layer testo is prepared only from flour, oil and salt, no eggs and milk. It could be blatant or predatory. Precious test is more lame, thin and light, usually cooking sweet cakes, cake crusts, buns, cookies, rolls, wolves and wolves. Absence of sugar in a layered test makes candy products less suture and harmful to the figure. I wonder if a layered cream comes up in the oven at the expense of a titanium of oil that separates the layers from each other and prevents them from slipping.

Driving is less laminable, but very breathing and air, and its taste is light. Typically, the breeze test is made by poor cakes, spits, pizzas and tongues, although it's good for sweet products.

It's not just water or milk. There are prescriptions for beer, kefire, cream, cream or creativity. Soon you'll make sure that making a bed test is creative and very interesting!

Еще один секрет приготовления слоеного теста — температура воздуха в помещении должна быть около 15–17 °С При раскатывании двигайте скалкой только от себя, очень медленно и осторожно, чтобы сохранить целостность пласта Если вы готовите большой пирог из слоеного теста, перед началом выпекания проткните его ножом или вилкой в нескольких местах Заверните тесто в пищевую пленку и поместите его на 2–3 часа в холодильник вместе со скалкой, которая должна тоже охладиться
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