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Potato Pie With Cheese

Everyone's accustomed to the fact that any pies are made on the basis of a test, and they forgot that other products can be used instead of a test. The most famous substitute is potato. It'll make the pie unusual and delicious.

Large potatoes - 3 (approximately 600 g)
Olive oil - 2-2, 5 st. l.
Chicken sausages (in artificial shell) - 200-250 g
Chicken egg, two.
Rickotta is 1st l.
Molten green (piece, green onion, cover) - 1 st. l.
Feta - 100 g
The salt tastes
Black hammer tastes good.


1. Basis: Clear the potato. Two tubers, cross-sectional circles, 3-4 mm thick. Last cut the longitudinal plates with a thickness of 3-4 mm.

2. Big cellphone, swap olive butter. Well warm up on a strong fire. Then put the fire to the middle and put the potato slices in one layer. Fire from both sides to softness and golden crust.

Put the potatoes on the paper towels to remove the excess oil. Repeat the procedure with the other potatoes.

3. In the middle receptacle, squeeze the eggs with ricotte to homogeneity. Explore the fetus. Sausages clean the shell and cut the circles with a thickness of 1-1, 5 mm. Get in a lot of green, sausage and fetus. Send salt and pepper.

4. Collection: heat up the oven to 185°C. Look at the oils with a 20-22-cm diameter.

5. Put on the bottom the shapes of rounded potato straps (singings must be completely closed).

The beam of the shape shall be emitted by long pultics (also nachlest). Equally distribute the raw material.

Pake the pie about 40-45 minutes.

6. Piece out of the oven and let's get a little cold in shape. Carefully walk through the brats of the shape, separating the pie from its walls. Open your uniform carefully and take off your hand.

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