Приготовление осетинских

Ossetian Pies Prepared

Ossetian pies could be one of the business options for those who deal with the culinary. It's a traditional ossetian treat, it'll be appropriate for both the holidays and the daily table. As we know, the testo is prepared fast enough. At the same time, the filling may be different, for example, meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit. There are many options, so the production and delivery of Ossetian pies is an interesting, relevant business.
To start such a business, minimum investment is required. We need the oven and the products to be used for pies. In addition, prescriptions for such treatings are widely available in the Network.
Advertising campaign

There are several modern ways to promote such a business:
City press;
Use of leaflets and paper announcements.
The greatest number of potential customers need to know that they have the opportunity to order pies for the house. Various advertising tools can be combined to improve advertising.
Business expenses

There are several cost categories. First of all, it's food. Two or three thousand roubles to make ten pies. Of course, the necessary equipment needs to be acquired. In the first stage, the normal option will be the usual gas or electric ovens. Later, you should buy a bigger-powered aggregate. Funds must be spent on advertising, and permission to do so must be paid.
Product cost

Based on the low cost of one treat, there is a need to increase the amount that will be prepared once. That would make every pie cheap. Besides, the client should have a choice. Accordingly, it makes sense to make a variety of Ossetian piesbig and small, with different fixes. When you determine the price, you can rely on the cost of pizza with the same weight.

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