Лосось с креветками

Where To Buy Pies

Pyrogova's love cooks for those who appreciate good food and good food. The smell of natural rainbow oil, the skilled essays and the carefully collected scents of our pies with delivery will certainly please you and your guests.

Piece on order is an opportunity:

  • Rapidly organize the celebrations
  • Try new tastes and unusual combinations of products;
  • Make a non-binding gift to a friend or colleague;
  • Don't waste any effort waiting for guests;
  • save time for dinner.

Would you like to put annoying sushi and pizza on the table? Feed the guests with delicious pies to order delivery in Moscow. Our chefs will make pies for you, just after the order's out. We don't stomp and send out pre-prepared pies to buyers. On your desk, pies are straight out of the oven.

Any of the pies we choose will deliver within three hours: one and a half hours is cooking, and one and a half hours we're putting on delivery. You can also order pies for a certain day and an hour. We'll cook and deliver them hot in your office or home. If you don't know how many pies to buy for the party, go to the manager. He'll help calculate the number of cakes required, according to your preferences and the number of guests.

Good taste

We're sure that for the quality and taste of our pies, every little thing is important. Pies with delivery - not only carefully designed prescriptions and product choices, it's the responsibility for the service we offer. It is very important that the guests choose us to trust us and share our values: quality and taste. That's why we're putting only quality products in our delivery pies. Our testo isn't. free, brushers and taste escalators, and foaming without painters, aromatizers and conservatives.

We'll have cakes in our bakery assortium for sweet, meat and fishermen, for vegetarians, for gourmans who like unusual delicious combinations. We're not tired of experimenting, constantly looking for new tastes and suggesting that we try them for our guests.

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