Осетинский пирог с грибами

Ossetian Pie Recept In The Home

Осетинский пирог с зеленью - фото шаг 1Preparedness time: 2.0 minutes

Would you like to try a crunch outside and a very juicy inside Ossetian cake with green in the house? It's quite simple! If you don't know how to buy guests, make that pie.

Description of preparation:

There are plenty of options for how to make Ossetian cake with green. A wide variety of ingredients, as well as specialities, can be used as a starting point. It'll be a good breakfast and a snack, or even a snack on the holiday table.

Appointment: For dinner / for dinner / for half a day
Main ingredient: Muka and Testo / Green
Bludo: Drink / Pyroggy
Kitchen Geography: Ossetian

Осетинский пирог с зеленью - фото шаг 2Injectors:

  • Dear - 1 tea spoon
  • Salt - 1 tea spoon
  • Sugar - 1 tea spoon
  • Plant oil 100 millilitres
  • Muka - 600-650 Gram
  • Water - 1-1.5
  • Ossetian cheese - 300 Gram
  • Green - 1 Pump

Number of cases: 3

Осетинский пирог с зеленью - фото шаг 3How to make "Ossetian pie. with green

1. The first thing to do is connect sugar and breeze. Add some warm (not hot) water and leave 5-7 minutes. Then gradually pour salt into flour, add water and vegetable oil. The test should not be cool, elastic and soft. Cover his towel and leave it 45-50 minutes.Осетинский пирог с зеленью - фото шаг 4 Then revolt and give him more minutes.

2. As a starting point for the prescription of Ossetian green pie, you can use everything that's under your hand. The green needs to be cleaned, dryed and cut small. Connect with the cheese, pre-checking his fork and how to cross.

3. When the testo went well, it could be divided into three equal parts, each of which needs to be rolled with a thin plastic. Put a third of the fixings in the middle.

4. Get the edges in the middle.

Осетинский пирог с зеленью - фото шаг 55. And how to blind it. Ossetian pie with green in the home is ready for booze.

6. Put it in shape and make a small hole in the center. Send 25 to 30 minutes to the warmest oven until the top is caught. After the boiling, you can lubricate pie with cream oil so that the crust is brighter and brighter.

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