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Recipe For Ossetian Pies In Bread

Осетинский пирогSouluguni blues buy a pleasant solo taste of cheese, which gives cooked food a brand-new sound. Suluguine meal receptors are diverse and not limited to bite. Suluguni is one of the kinds of saline cheese. Prepared cheese from pastorized cow, sheep, buoyant and goat milk, or from a mixture of cows with sheep, buoyant and goat milk. The prepared puluguni is distinct from sharp acid-mild taste and smell. The color of the cheese from white to low yellow. There could be a thin crust in the form of separating layers. Suluguni can be copied, so the crust from the copier cheese becomes more dense and the cheese color is yellow or yellow brown.

Рулетики из сулугуни с грибамиCheers. Ossetian pies♪ We've rereaded no prescription for Ossetian pies, but we decided to stop it. Our bread was used to make a slack of the test. It was made out of a puluguni with a veiled potato.

Roll out of pulmonary. In our parts, the suluguins are sold differently, including leaflets, more precisely in the form of thin pancakes. These pancakes can be peached - green, mushrooms or vegetables. We've tried to kick the pearls with hot champagne.

Курица, запечённая с сыром на вертелеAnother way to feed a chicken in the oven. This time the chicken was asked to pre-initiate the suluguni, to board the chopper and to bait a mixture of grenade juice with oil. Gotta get the chicken ready from the oven, split into pieces, downtown.

The Iberian hachapurs are cooked out of a low-convenience brush test, dried on a dry pan, and then dried up with water and swelled with oil. Hachapour is filled with cheese - a merethinian, a rat or a sulhugun.

Achma is a salmon pie with cheese. For pie, all sections of the test, except the upper and lower, are cooked 10 to 12 seconds. Souluguni, Ossetian cheese, or a mixture of them, will be suitable for fixing. So the cheese is salty, so the salt is barely added to the testo.

A lot of people are afraid to roast cheese out of fear that he's just gonna stick to the pan. Some have a bitter experience when the cheese just melted, kept the shape and turned into an unknown mass. There's one simple secret, how to make a hot maxy mug.

Имеретинские хачапури Ачма Овощной салат с жареным сыром сулугуни Штрудель со шпинатом и сыром сулугуни

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