Тесто для осетинских пирогов

Ossetian Pie Recipe For Cafeteria

To make a testo, we'll start making a squeak for him.


тесто для осетинских пирогов

This will require:

  • Dry breezes (1.00)
  • flour (1.00)
  • sugar (1.00)
  • Three tablets of milk.

This mixture shall be placed in a warm space for fermenting. Zachvaska will be between 15 and 20 minutes. When the pen comes, it's ready.


We take a little more than a glass of warm milk (100 ml), a large cup of kefira (250 g) and 600 g flour (which is just under 4 glasses). The salt tastes good.

Muka, when seduced, collects oxygen, and the future of the testo is done by more air.♪ That's why you have to ask her. We need to sit two or three times. Let's put a flour on the mountain, deepen, pour 1, 5 table spoons of dishesed oil and the other ingredients.

The harder we mix, the more we breathe. He should be raised by taking the air.

The temperature should be closed and placed in a warm place. It'll start up. In 1, 5 hours it will be ready. Just check it out, touch the surface if it doesn't stick to your hands (becaused by a crust) it's possible to wash and start making pie. We'll split the test for three bells.

Each bell will be wrapped with our hands as thin as we can, and we'll put it down the center and put it up. The pie is pouring the flour and turning the stitch down. The ball's been cleaned up to make a flat pie. We make small holes and put it in a warm-up oven. The pie should be made up for 25 minutes at 1800C. They give him hot.

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