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Interesting question:
What's more important to you in a hospital, a situation or food? I think the answer comes first, food, but when you think about it... I went to Peter's pie once, where the delicious pies are woven, but the situation... Stiles are small, soft, tight, uncomfortable chairs, dark and insecure. I had to take pies with me and eat on the street.
It happens differently. There's a restaurant called Pushkin Café. The situation is " very rich. " I've never been here once, but I've never had a good meal. Everything is salted, the true taste of the meal through this alley is not... ♪
I mean, in a hospital case, both food and environment are important. For example, I love the Lara Café at the Aeroport Metro on Kitchiv, 4. I came here every day when I was around. Even walking around with little Fédica, swinging for coffee at Lara's. He's being served here!
We don't get a chance here this afternoon, we've got a high school student coming to lunch. The café is also crowded in the evening: the Café is located in the Aerobus building, where young couples with children come to dinner, residents of the house. And since the morning, Lara's "Lara" has a little bit of a world, so in the morning, I love to be here and sometimes bring guests here. After our visit with Sasha Nosik, for example, he's been here forever.
It's good here, including luncheon business. But Lara's special chip is dessert and Ossetian pies. ! They're made by the host of an old Ossetian recipe, whose main secret is that the testo must be scattered in a little bit... My kids who stayed at the Aeroport subway often order Ossetian pies home. I always see empty boxes under them.
I'm not agitating you to drop everything and run right away to Lara. I'm just talking about my favorite places in Moscow. Including the generals...
Jeanne Apple is asking. Ossetian pie recipe Larissa Gularova's house.

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