Осетинский пирог с бараниной

Ossetian Pies In Pbs

Our Krasnosels and St Petersburg!


ARFA provides you with Ossetian pies and their own production.
Our production areas are located at St. Petersburg, Red Selole Lenin 77. This is Mosto Command No. 19


Address: St. Petersburg, Red Selo
Email: info@
Telephone: 8(812)-987-7-336, 8(905)-219-83-86

The company's main product is Ossetian pies. It's a traditional Ossetia dish that's delivered both in the holidays and in the budneys. According to an ancient custom, there are three for the holiday table. Ossetian pie.which symbolize the sun of God.

We're pies on the old recipe, so Ossetian Picardy ARFA pies are so delicious.

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