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Ossetian Pie Is An Original Recipe

Ингредиенты к рецепту ПИРОГ С КАПУСТОЙ2 comments to ingredients
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05 February - Yuri Gennadievich Shanghai
Well, I think a very good pie isn't a flour with a fix, but a drip with a drop of flour... can I just say if it's just a diet pie, a kefier cabbage? 05 February-
Yura, thank you. 05 February - Lily Tah L
I'm confirming that I cooked! I really liked it. There's really something to do with the heat, so if you're cold, you'll warm it up! Капусту нашинковать05 February - Svetlan SSI GEL
Elena Gennadyevna, thank you for the prescription!

I've been dreaming about eating for a week.
Cale pie as my grandmother cooked.
with a blade test and a cabbage inside.
I want to eat, but I want to cook.

You've got an interesting prescription.
I only have a few questions:
♪ You're polishing cable with cream oil, what's that?
- Can the cream oil interfere in the testo?
- Since cabbage you're recommending that we take the best part in the test, can there be a cabbage adding to the testo and mixing it up?
And then the cabbage test, put it in shape.
For the fiction?

06 February-
Lights, hello, I'm doing exactly what I'm writing, so I'm polishing a cabbage with oil. In the boiling of cabbage, you can see it yourself, so it's sealed like a friture. In fact, tidal pies are prepared almost on your principle (leaving half the test in shape, then fixing, after the rest of the test), but in such pies, it's already cooked (fresh meat, ham, etc.) I'm not sure that in such a way (as you foresee) the cabbage is good to eat. You can try.
Яйца взбить с кефиром , посолить Форму для выпечки смазать маслом , выложить капусту , предварительно слив воду и отжав Сливочное масло растопить , полить им капусту Дальше вылить на капусту тесто
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