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Household Ossetian Pies

In many Moscow restaurants, one of the delicious foods of the Caucasus kitchen is Ossetian pies. The hottest booth is as hot as those of many countries. Ossetian pies will be even more delicious if you prepare them at home, putting in them warm hands and some soul.

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The main secret of the great taste of the real Ossetian pie is combined with the blatant and thin, well-trained test. In order to stay inside and not exterior, the test requires elasticity. At the same time, the testo needs to be thin enough to be well-prepared and covered by an appetite gold crust.


  • The prepared soft fix shall not be wet, or the testo may break.
  • If the liver's not sweet pies, you'll be able to fix it before you start rolling the testo.
  • The precise green before adding to the fix should be dryed.
  • Inexperienced cookers for the development of prefabrication technology can be tried to produce dry-pump pies, therth cheese or the thick potatoes.
  • Precious testo without breeze is used to make meat pie. The low-breast testo is good for pies with all other types of stuff.
  • Detail the testo so it can be thin and elastic.
  • The pie from the refrigeration test is losing some taste.
  • By laughing the testo, split it into the right number of parts, roll it in the form of balls. Put your balls in round-the-circuit loops.
  • In the middle of every loin, put a sufficient amount of filling. Put the edges down in the middle, cautiously unload the pie. Carefully puncture the middle of the pie to get out.
  • For the first five minutes, the pie is baked in the lower section of the oven, then put it on the top shelf. When the crust comes up, get the pie out of the oven, get some rest and laugh the cream butter.
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