Быстрый пирог на кефире с

Piece On Cheese Cafeteria

пирог520 February, Alexander Bondareva

The pies on the cafeteria are especially soft and spray. Add that pie as a fix for cheese, and you'll get an indispensable snack, a quick breakfast or even a full dinner.

Pie pies in the cafeteria are great with meat products, potatoes and even sweet fruit.

Piece with cheese and meat

For Pie pie You can use any meat products: ham, sausage, sausage or brisket.

We're gonna need:

  • Kefir - 1 glass;
  • Green (trap, pearl);
  • Salt - 1⁄2 caps;
  • Muka - 1 glass;
  • Spoons 0, 5 hours;
  • Colbasa - 150-200 g;
  • Egg - 2;
  • Cheese 200


  1. The egg shall be carefully scrubbed with the salt and the sprayer (may use the normal soda that has been extinguished by the Oxus).
  2. Add a cup of kefira and make a careful laugh.
  3. Keep laughing, put a little bit of flour in the testo and make a testo out. Consistent, it's supposed to be like the panties.
  4. Natree on the big terrace cheese, sausage the small cubes. Get some green.
  5. In the ready test, add sausage, cheese and green. Have a good laugh.
  6. Put the testo in shape, a little smeared oil.
  7. Drink the pie 30-40 minutes.

пирог3It's very convenient to make such a pie with you, either as a meal to work or school.

Piece with floating cheese

It's a very low-calorium pie, and it's good for bakers who are afraid to recover.

  • Soda - 1 pup;
  • Kefir (1%) - 450 g;
  • Salt - 0, 5 h
  • Muka, two glasses;
  • Egg - 6;
  • Green: cover and green onion;
  • The furnace is 1st.


  1. Kefir, take two eggs, then add soda, salt and flour. Secure the testo like a dense estimate.
  2. Squeeze four eggs, purity and sod on a big terrace. Add to them a petty terrace melted cheese and cut little green.пирог2 The ambassadors and laugh.
  3. Put half of the test in the form to fill out, put the rig, top of the field, on the remaining test.
  4. Put the pie in the oven, burn to 180 degrees. Check the dental brushing, on average, it'll take 40 to 50 minutes.

If you want the pie to get sharper, you can add 1-2 of the garlic tooth.

Piece with potatoes

Use only hard cheese (not salt) for this recipe.

  • Egg 2;
  • Solid cheese - 200 g;
  • Muka - 3-4 glass;
  • Plum oil - 50 g;
  • Kefir 400 ml;
  • Potatoes -5 S;
  • Soda is 0, 5.
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