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Ossetian Pies On Cheese Cafeteria

- 300 g,
Two glasses,
- Sugar - 5 g
- Margarine, 30 g.
- 5 g.
- fresh - 300 g,
- 30 g,
- It tastes good.

Petty flour of Class I or Extra, in the middle of deepening and pouring fresh kefiers into it, putting mild margarine, salt, bread soda or brush, sugar in it and mingling softly. Put it in the heat and cover. If it's a blade test, you'll leave it for 2 to 3 hours while it comes. With a soda, 30 to 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare a pie pearl. One-day extraction, prepared from fresh whole milk, removed from the serum residues, carefully washed so that the mass of the cheese would become oily, equally elastic, Ambassador, finely intertwined and divided into pieces (number of pies).

The test is ready to be divided into pieces and every part of the bucket is 0, 5-1 cm thick. On the middle of the cape, put a pre-prepared porridge out of fresh Ossetian cheese, cut the cheese on the left surface by 3 to 4 cm from the edge of the cap, then, taking the ends of the cap, gradually pull them into the middle and connect them. Press the palms to cut the pie's surface.

Turn it on the other side, and also cut the surface. The operation is repeated two to three times until the pie is given round shape and the same thickness. Put on a heated, slightly smeared fat pancreas. On the top of the pie, in the middle, make a cut in the test so the couples don't scatter and... they don't break the pie. Drinking in the oven.

To be hot to the table, lubricating and polishing cream or thick oil. The pie to the table can be presented in whole or cut in four or eight triangle pieces.

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