Смешайте дрожжи с мукой

Ossetian Pies

" Dostaevsky " is an urgent delivery of ready-to-date restaurant quality at St. Petersburg.

You can order pizza, sushi and rolls, Ossetian and Russian pies, pasta, salads, snacks and sweet dessert! We've assembled in our kitchen the best prescriptions from all over the world that will come for dinner with friends and for a solemn event.

Emergency delivery of 30 minutes

24-hour services

Restorative quality of food

Receptas from around the world

Payment of a bank card

Windows every day


Dostaevsky prepares food only from fresh ingredients, half-fibs in our dishes never appear, and all pre-requisite preparations are re-established in the morning of each day.


Dostaevsky's kitchen works in all the corners of Petersburg, so hot dishes like pizza or Ossetian piesalways come hot! The delivery of food takes no more than 1 hour and the order of 400 roubles is free of charge.


Download the Dostayian app and order meals without calling the operator! The annex includes a full menu listing ingredients, allows for the introduction of favoured dishes and addresses to be elected, as well as the monitoring of current stocks and the history of their purchases.


What's New in Version 1.12

- The mistakes found were corrected.

by Playlist

The app liked it.
It was real fast. About everything that's available now. And free)
They can be ordered without calls to the operators, making it all in the annex.
Frequently ordered dishes may be added to the chosen and not waste time in searching for the favoured meals later.
You can read different prescriptions and try something yourself.
Have a pleasant stock.

by lilichkapanterka

Great app! You can order restaurant dishes home! Quick delivery, bring all the hot and delicious! Interesting design of the application, all accessible and understandable, no glue, no hangover. Friends often and spontaneously come to visit when there's nothing ready, your app always helps! Thank you! I'll recommend you all my friends!

by J.jhons280768
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