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Ossetian Pie Recipe With Peach In The Oven

Фыдчин осетинский с мясом - фото шаг 1Preparedness time: 1.0 minutes

Foxin is Ossetian meat pie. It's delicious and juicy, cooked in the oven, and it's 100% gonna conquer your heart!

Description of preparation:

You have a classic recipe for Ossetian meat foam. As a starting point, use the beef, recommend the purchase of a ready-to-read fair to save time. The following is a chassis recipe for Ossetian meat foam. Good luck to you!
Appointment: For dinner
Main ingredient: Measo / Govin / Muka and testo / Muka
Bludo: Drink / Pyroggy
Kitchen Geography: Ossetian

Фыдчин осетинский с мясом - фото шаг 2Injectors:

  • Bunny, 500 Gram
  • Water - 1 Stakan
  • Milk - 1 Stakan
  • Dry oil - 70 Gram
  • Chesnok - 1 Toothnut
  • Puppet - 1 Stuck
  • Bovine 500 Grimm
  • Pepper's black.
  • Sole is good.
  • Jr. - 20 Gram

Number of cases: 5-6

Фыдчин осетинский с мясом - фото шаг 3How to make Ossetian Fids with meat.

Put your testo in the flour, add breeze, milk and vegetable oil.

In the holy porridge, add a small, cut onion, salt, pepper and water. Take it easy.

Shove up against the flour. Put the testo in a big round of plastic, put it on the top.

The testo is equitably equated with a porcelain across the surface.

Open the top plate test, stab the cuts at the center.

Close the pie to the top of the test. See the surface of cream oil. Getting in the oven before you get ready.

Ready! Enjoy!

Фыдчин осетинский с мясом - фото шаг 4 Фыдчин осетинский с мясом - фото шаг 5 Фыдчин осетинский с мясом - фото шаг 6 Фыдчин осетинский с мясом - фото шаг 7

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