Фото рецепт осетинские пироги

Traditional Ossetian Pie Recipe

People who are concerned about their figure are often forced to abandon their culinary searches and severely restrict their menu. In that regard, an exception could be made for Ossetian pies. The blues have an interesting feature, eating them, it's very difficult to get out.

The saturation feels right away from the food, along with the gravity of the stomach and the late repentance. In addition, the Ossetian cuisine can offer many postal essays without meat.

Ossetian cabbage pie is a prescription for one of those. A purple and delicious meal, which can be ordered for breakfast to get a bored charge all day, or dinner, without fear of the unpleasant effects of the meal.

Ossetian pie recept Cable

In order to assess the traditional Ossetian cabbage pie, it's best to order it in the Piehor Picard where the dish will be made by professionals. But someone who loves cooking experiments and feels confident in the kitchen can try to make a pie and own it.

  • The test is being prepared for the beast. The warm boiling water (four glasses) is filled with dry rain and sugar (by 1 p.m.) and a couple of tea spoons of flour. Everything shall be scrubbed carefully and kept warm for 15 to 20 minutes before the pen is formed. A flour shall be placed in the filling receptacle (4 glass). The amount of the dried-air mixture shall be brought to the glass by warm water, and shall gradually be emitted into the flour which must be permanently worn. Here we add milk (1 glass) and salt.
  • In order to prepare the mounting, we shall be fine with cabbage (white, 500-600 grams) and shall roast on the pane to the golden colour together with the bulb (1 head). We add black peppers and salt. In order to underline the aromat, 1-2 of the grazed walnuts may be added.
  • We're making pies, putting on a scattered testo, and slapping the edges on top. Then we'll have 10 to 15 minutes at 250 degrees.
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