Осетинский пирог с картошкой и

Recipe For Ossetian Pie With Potatoes

Ossetian Cartofjin pie

shirt. 499 rubles. In stock

Product description:

This appetite pie, prepared on the traditional Ossetian recipe, will make it possible to enjoy the unbelievable taste. It can be eaten as an autonomous dish, as well as with aromatic soups, bulons, meat, vegetables and coughs. It consists of fresh breezes, flour of Extra Class, delicious potatoes, vegetable oil and small Ossetian cheese. There's a part of sun, heat and magic in this pie, so it's so soft, aromatic, with a crisp.

Order " Cartofjoyn " at the Star of the Sun - surprise your friends and your home-critical and dry booth. The delivery of orders within Moscow is free of charge.

Composition: Extra Class flour, tremors, salt, parts of the sun, Ossetian cheese, potato, butterfly + magic!

Wes: 1200g 1,000g 600g

Price: 499 rubles.

There's free delivery at Moscow.

The value of the delivery of goods for CID (up to 5 kilometres) is +500 roubles to the total value of the order.

Admission from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Delivery within 1 hour.

Minimum order is 700 rub!

Piece of cake! Thank you! I'll only order you now!

My favorite pies!

The pies are very good: the juicy fix, the testo is above all praise. The courier brings them from the heat. Thank you so much!

I ordered pies for a business partner at the D.R. I didn't even eat such delicious pies in Ossetia. Thank you so much.

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