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Ossetian Pie On The Cafeteria

For the test: flour - about 800g; kefir - 1.5 glass; milk - 1/2 glass; drips (dry) - 2 ppm; egg - 1 st; olive oil - 30g; sugar - 1 p.m.; salt - taste; for cooking: suluguni - 600g; potato - 5 st;

For a bladder test, warm milk and evaporate it, adding a little flour, sugar and cream. When the opar's up, pour it into a big bow, add a kefier, smelted cream oil ( warm but not hot), flour, egg, salt and sugar. Push the testo, cover the napkin and leave it in a warm place to lift.

Осетинский пирог, Шаг 01To start cooking potato, washing a fork, adding a little cream. Suluguni to blemish and mix with potato pure. Separate the fix on three parts and roll out the balls.

When the testo fits, split it into three parts.

Осетинский пирог, Шаг 02For each part, form a round cap with a diameter of 15 cm. Put a head ball in the center.

Connect the edges of the cap, lifting them up and plucking them.

Rolling pies with a rock. Downtown Make pie. a little hole. Heating the oven up to 180 °C and the oven for 20 minutes. Hot pie can lubricate with cream butter, not brush, but a piece of cool oil. Give pies a little chilly and put them on the table.

Осетинский пирог, Шаг 03 Осетинский пирог, Шаг 04 Осетинский пирог, Шаг 05 Осетинский пирог, Шаг 06

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