Осетинские пироги на метро

Ossetian Pies Are A Classic Recipe With Photos

Пирог с адыгейским сыром - фото шаг 1Preparedness time: 1.0 minutes

Another pie with the Adygian cheese is called "Setian." Our family loves these pies because they're incredible. Most Ossetian pie cooks with cheese and green.

Description of preparation:

Before the pie comes, it's gonna have to go up with cream butter, so it'll taste even better. How to cook. Adygie cheese pieI told you in detail in the prescription. He's prepared from a bladder test with a fixing (mostly, it's a raw lead with a green, but it could be a meat fix).
Appointment: For lunch / for nature / for half a day
Main ingredient: Dairy products / Cheese / Muka and testo / Maslo / Adygian cheese
Bludo: Drink / Pyroggy
Kitchen Geography: Russian Kitchen
Dieta: Vegetarian nutrition


  • Muka - 2, 5 Stakan
  • Ware water - 1 Stakans
  • Jrzy - 1, 5 tea spoons
  • Sugar - 1 tea spoon
  • Adygie cheese - 200 Gram
  • Plum oil 100 Gram
  • Spinate - 350 Gram
  • Green.

Number of cases: 3-5

How to make "Adygie cheese Picorn"

1. Ossetian pie is being prepared from a classic blade test.Пирог с адыгейским сыром - фото шаг 5 If you don't have time to do the test with your hands, you can buy it. I usually put a testo without a evaporator: in warm water, I'm brushing, adding salt and sugar, and then I'm pouring a flour and smashing a testo.

2. Smashing the Adygian cheese with the green and the spinach, it'll be our fix.

3. When our testo fits, we'll slide a part of the test with a thickness of not more than 1 centimeter.

4. We're putting our incision in the middle and turning the edges in the middle.

5. Give the pie a round cap, leaving a little hole in the center. It's done to get out of the couple so the testo won't break during the booze. We're sending our pie with the Adygian cheese in the warmed oven and we're eating at 180 degrees 20-25 minutes.

6. Any Ossetian pie can't endure long in the oven, or it won't be soft. It's hot and even cold.

Пирог с адыгейским сыром - фото шаг 2 Пирог с адыгейским сыром - фото шаг 3

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