Осетинский пирог с ветчиной и

Pirogs With Beep

С капустой и яйцомCabbage and egg

It's a test, a cabbage, an egg, a rabbit, an attachment.

With fish

It's a test, a salmon, green.

Turkey and mushrooms

Like a testo, turkey chip, fresh mushrooms.

With meat

Like a testo, beef, rice, green, special.

Dry pies with 24-hour delivery

The Russian People ' s Piece is not a red redneck. The Dostaevsky Kitchen are famous for pie pies that are not ashamed to come to any table. In our menu, a traditional Russian kitchen meal:

  • Cabbage and egg;
  • fish (salmon);
  • Meat (Beef);
  • With turkey and mushrooms.

To make pies, our chefs use this kind of testo and cutting out of fresh products, specialities and fixes. In the same way, closed Russian pies are prepared from all sides, as they are supposed to be, crummy, soft, careful. The beginning of any pie is important, and in our dishes, it won't have to be found with the butt: I don't know what to do.♪ The thermometer is scattered with a layer of 1 cm thick, so it's so delicious.

Russian pies with a delivery to the house and to the office, our couriers are being brought in from the heat. Apart from the rashing, the baking has a beautiful form of wheat and other ears from the test. The Dostaevian pies are ordered for family holidays, weddings and corporate events, and we always seek to meet the expectations of our clients. Since Everything is prepared immediately before delivery to the customer, and the products that make the filling are not refrigerated, You can be sure of freshness.

Order Russian pies

Russian delivery pies can now be ordered quickly and simply with services from Dostaevsky. We deliver the meals to the Russian, Japanese, Italian and Ossetian kitchen on the following conditions:

  • free of charge throughout St Petersburg;
  • Delivery within an hour;
  • 24/7.

Absolute hit among Russians' sweet pies is a fish dryer. A vein wrapped with a soft green under the golden crust of the breeze test will be a real discovery for domestic cookers. A pie with turkey and champagne is popular: a bird ' s nutrient and juicy meat can give a sense of sadness for the whole day, let alone an amazing taste. All the pies are pounds, they're dripping in a long form.

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