Домашние и осетинские пироги с

Ossetian Delivery Pies

  • Choose a dish from our menu.
  • Pay one of your comfortable ways:
  • Cash payment
    Getting a courier.
  • Yandex.
    Robocass service
  • Bank chart
  • WebMoney Payment through
    Robocass service
  • Online Sberbank
    Robocass service

The return of money to your account, with no cash payment (through the RBOCASSA), is carried out from 3 to 7 working days, depending on the conditions of the bank or your payment system. You may need a statement of refunds with the order number and the reverse requisitions.

Delivery of Ossetian pies

The most delicious, fresh, real. Ossetian pies You can order a house delivery in the OSPROGI Picard. The best cooks will take care of your lunch and dinner. We're only using ripe fresh vegetables, natural meat, Ossetian cheese, smashing the testo and baking the original prescription pie. Choose a detailed menu with the composition and weight of each piece in front of you. In the electronic catalogue, you will quickly find the right dish, collect the order and set it up in a few minutes. The most useful, delicious and safe fastfud on the house and the office in Moscow will bring some OSPIROGI.Roo! Reimbursement techniques: cash, bank card, electronic money, payment through the Robocas service.

The cook starts to cook for exactly the right time, according to the courier's schedule. The officers of the courier service know Moscow very well, prepare the route in advance, provide spare options in case of traffic and contingencies. We're not losing any minute and saving your time. What kind of pies do you like, bed or meat, sweet or salt? Try all our recipes and find the favorite.

The production of Ossetian pies takes about 1-1, 5 hours. Inside the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the couriers are free of charge, the minimum amount of the order is 700 roubles inside the subway and 1,000 roubles. within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, outside the Ministry of Internal Affairs, specify the information from the operator.

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