Доставка пирогов в оренбурге

Ossetian Orenburg Pies

Пирог с капустой и рыбой

Piece with corn

Good pie is a traditional supplement to the stale.Пирог с курагой Cooks of different peoples include a variety of prescriptions of spicy and sweet pies, which are accepted as snacks and as basic dishes. Today, you can easily order pies in Orenburg with a delivery home or an office. Hot pie is a beautiful lunch choice at work. The delivery of pie will also be home if the guests are on the doorstep and the fridge is wearing a ball of polish. You'll always be able to order pies from us, and we'll deliver the order in a short time.

Пирог с вишнейWhen you choose pies to order, you can try a variety of things to taste. We're offering fresh meat and chicken pies, mushroom pies and raw materials prepared for traditional prescriptions. Sweet lovers will appreciate fruit and berries.

Driving, sand, slope testo is used for baking. We use it. Ossetian pie prescriptionspassed from generation to generation and before us from the depths of centuries. We never cook the meal before.Пирог с луком и яйцом Our cooks are making pies right after your order. So you get fresh hot pies and you can fully enjoy their taste and flavor.

You can order pies in Orenburg online!

Pie in Orenburg with delivery can be ordered every day, no breaks or weekends. We take orders from 9:00 to 19:00. Payment is made in cash to the courier or in cash. If you want to pay for the delivery of the bank card, please don't forget to warn the operator when ordering it.

In order for more than 700 roubles pie delivery is absolutely free

We also work with corporate clients, offering hot lunches to the office. In this case, bank transfer is possible. Big party order or other event would be better arranged in advance so we could make pies and other dishes for you.

Пирог с капустой и грибами Курабье Палочки в шоколаде Ракушки
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